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Red Bank NJ

Red Bank NJ – The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Red Bank, NJ is the perfect place for a weekend getaway from NYC. It is about an hour drive from NYC and is accessible a little bit longer by train.

The town is filled with trendy bistros, restaurants, and shops. Plus, there is a thriving artist community, with several art galleries and theaters.

Here are some of the best places to go in town if you’re here for a weekend.

Stay at The Molly Pitcher Inn

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The Molly Pitcher Inn is the best hotel in Red Bank, NJ.
Molly Pitcher Inn

The Molly Pitcher Inn was built in 1928 and is one of the best-known hotels in New Jersey. In addition to being a hotel and restaurant, it is a popular venue for hosting weddings (one of my friends was married here!).

Due to Red Bank’s proximity to the beaches along the Jersey Shore and the outdoor pool looking over the Navesink River, it’s much more expensive and harder to book in the summer months.

To accommodate the high demand, the owners have since opened a 2nd hotel right behind The Molly Pitcher, named The Oyster Point Hotel.

Try NJ Pork Roll at Johnny's Pork Roll and Coffee Too!

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When you are in NJ, you need to try Pork Roll, also known as Taylor Ham.
Pork Roll, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwiches in New Jersey are made with eggs, cheese and Taylor Ham… or is it called Pork Roll? Well, it depends where in NJ you live. North Jersey calls it Taylor Ham, but it’s called pork roll to the south and here at Johnny’s Pork Roll and Coffee Too! If you want to eat like a local, you gotta have some pork roll for breakfast.

Help Those Who Can't Afford a Meal by Eating at JBJ Soul Kitchen

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JBJ Soul Kitchen is a donation based restaurant in Red Bank, NJ. The menu has no prices and you can enjoy a meal even if you are unable to pay the donation.
JBJ Soul Kitchen

IN 2006, rocker Jon Bon Jovi founded what is now known as the JBJ Soul Foundation to support community efforts to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Out of this grew his JBJ Soul Kitchen, a community restaurant where patrons pay what they can afford for their meals, either with money or by volunteering work. There are no prices on the menu, but rather a suggested donation of $20. In addition to the Red Bank location, there is also one in Tom’s River.

You can also make a pay-it-forward donation of $20 to pay for a meal for someone who does not have the financial resources to make their own donation.

Lunch and dinner are served as a three-course meal, and Sunday brunch is also offered.

Try Local Beer at Red Tank Brewing

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Red Tank Brewing is a local brewery in Red Bank, NJ.
Red Tank Brewing

Nestled right in downtown Red Bank is Red Tank Brewing. It was opened by husband-and-wife John & Lovina Arcara, who wanted to bring a family friendly spot to their town. Besides great beer, it’s a spot to hear a variety of live music.

Have a Guinness and Irish Food at The Dublin House

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The Dublin House

Who doesn’t love a good Irish bar? Here at The Dublin House, you can grab some Guiness (obviously) and also Shepherd’s Pie, Fish & Chips, or Bangers & Mash.