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Crabs in Baltimore, Maryland

I Got Crabs in Baltimore!

I spent several weeks in Baltimore, staying in the Inner Harbor area. And I did the most stereotypical thing I could do as a tourist… I went out to explore some of the best places for crabs and drank plenty of Natty Boh beer along the way. This is a taste of what I did there. But Baltimore is certainly deserving of several separate posts on the great seafood and other spots around the city.

L.P. Steamers

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Crabs at L.P. Steamers

There’s no shortage of great places to find crabs in Baltimore. If you are visiting and don’t want to drive, there are several spots near the inner harbor like Phillips Seafood, the Choptank, or Captain James Crabhouse. But my favorite spot is on the south side of the harbor in Locust Point called L.P. Steamers (the L.P. stands for Locust Point).

Faidley Seafood

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Faidley Seafood has one of the best crab cakes in Baltimore. It's located in Lexington Market in downtown and is a place tourists should visit.
Crabcake at Faidley Seafood

There are several places around Baltimore that could be in contention for making the best crabcake… such as Koco’s Pub, G&M Restaurant, or Pappas Seafood Co. But many people would agree that the best crabcake in Baltimore is at Faidley Seafood. It also helps that this is conveniently located downtown about 5 blocks north of Camden Yards, so you can walk or scooter there if you’re staying near the Inner Harbor.

Sagamore Pendry Baltimore

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If you can afford a $400+ / night hotel, then there aren’t many places better to stay than the Sagamore Pendry hotel near Fell’s Point. But even if you don’t stay there as a guest, you can visit the outdoor bar overlooking the harbor. The poolside menu includes things like ceviche, crabcake sandwich, and fish tacos. If you want to buy a non-guest day pass to go in the pool or take one of the surrounding chair, it will set you back $150 (this does include a food/drink credit though).

Connie's Chicken and Waffles

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For something other than crabs, Connie’s Chicken and Waffles can be found at Broadway Market. They have a variety of waffles such as an Oreo, red velvet, or crunch berry.