NYC’s First Snowstorm (My Annual Tradition)

New York City recently had its first snowstorm of the year! And so I’m celebrating my annual tradition in the middle of Times Square by eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in shorts. Why do you ask? Did you know that NYC has 60,000 homeless residents who stay in shelters or out on the streets every night? For them, this winter cold is an everyday challenge. So I do this to keep us aware and volunteer and donate to local charities that support people who are experiencing homelessness. These are NYC organizations that I support, or please consider supporting or donating to the organization in your area:

Bowery Mission: Coalition for the Homeless:

Let’s make it a priority to make sure nobody is out on the streets cold at night – here, or in any city!

Update: This might be my first winter without seeing a snowstorm, as I’m spending it in Mexico after living in New England and then New York City my whole life. So this video is actually from last year. Follow for more fun videos about food, drink, and travel!