Being a Tourist in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic (or Praha) is one of my favorite cities in Europe. I went out to explore some of the popular restaurants, food, and cocktails to try as a tourist… as well as the beautiful views from the rooftop of the Dancing House and around the historic Old Town. For a unique beer experience, try Výtopna Railway Restaurant in Wenceslas Square, where the beer is delivered to you on model trains. Or the best cocktails in the city can be found at Bebop Bar and Anonymous Shrink’s Office (which has a speakeasy theme).

Dancing House

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For one of the more unique buildings in Prague, check out the Dancing House Hotel. It was designed to represent Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire dancing. There has been debate about it not fitting into the classical architecture of Prague. But it has become one of the most recognized and visited buildings in the city. And you don’t need to stay there to check it out. There is a rooftop where you can order food and drinks and view the city skyline and get a great view of Prague Castle across the river.

Výtopna Railway Restaurant

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Prague has no shortage of great and unique bars. And even though it is right in the center of a main tourist area overlooking Wenceslas Square, I still recommend stopping by Výtopna Railway Restaurant. The main attraction here is 900 meters of model train tracks which run through the entire restaurant and to each table. Your drinks are then delivered by a model train. As for food, their specialty lies in meat and beer, with many locally made beers available. This is a great spot to stop for lunch while exploring the heart of Prague.

Note: When our first round of drinks showed up at our table, we were so busy taking photos and video that the train backed up and returned to the bar with our drinks still on it and didn’t return for several minutes. So, you might want to designate one person as the “drink remover” if you’re taking pictures!

Bebop Bar

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I love a great cocktail. And that’s why I’ve made many stops at Bebop Bar. The cocktails are all served in a theatrical way, and include:

  • Be a Genie: Gin, blackberry, cranberry, honey, tarragon, raspberry balsamico
  • Be an Alchemist: White rum, dark rum, cinnamon cordial, lime cordial, orange bitters, chocolate bitters
  • Be a Sorcerer: Slivovice, lemongrass cordial, lychee, lemon, honey


Shown in the video is the Be a Genie (served in a genie lamp). And my buddy Jeff who I travel with quite frequently and runs the website Miles & Pints got the Be an Alchemist, which attracted several onlookers taking videos.

Anonymous Shrink's Office

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One of the most unique bars in Prague, is without a doubt Anonymous Shrink’s Office. If you can find it, they have some of the best cocktails in the city. Except they don’t have a menu, but rather you look at an ink blots (known as a Rorschac Test) and what you choose determines your cocktail. I guarantee you have never been to a bar like this. You might want to go early or make a reservation. 

Oh, and to find it…. enter the bar named Ideas Are Bulletproof (which itself is a fantastic bar with a Southern U.S. theme) and then look for the secret door.