3 of the Best Beer Gardens in Munich Germany

Octoberfest may have been cancelled in 2021, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting Munich for some great beer. These are three of the best beer gardens in Munich that you can visit instead. Each German beer garden serves great beer and traditional German food.


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Hofbräuhaus is actually one of the world’s most famous taverns rather than a beer garden. Although they have added a large outdoor area. It was built nearly 500 years ago. As it has grown, the beer is now brewed on the outskirts of town and exported around the world. But music, Bavarian cuisine, and a big crowd are always on hand.

  • Hofbräu Original: The signature beer. 5.1% ABV
  • Hofbräu Dunkel: the first type of beer to be brewed at Hofbräuhaus. 5.5% ABV
  • Münchner Weisse: Munich’s first weissbier from 1602. 5.1% ABV
  • Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier: Brewed specially for Oktoberfest 6.1% ABV


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Augustiner-Keller is a little further from downtown and is big enough for thousands of locals and visitors from around the world. It is the oldest traditional beer garden in Munich, dating back to at least 1812 and has 5,000 seats. You can enjoy their Edelstoff lager freshly tapped from wooden barrels all year round. Beer from wooden barrels is smoother because of its lower carbonic acid content.


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Finally, the Viktualienmarkt is a large outdoor market with over 140 stalls selling fruits and vegetables, cheese, spices, meats, and many other types of food. And of course, it also has a beer garden. It is near the center of the city, so easily accessible from any direction and a short walk from Marienplatz.

I’m Stu. I travel the world looking for the best food and drink in every city… and in this case, it was beer!