A Day on Playa del Carmen’s Beautiful 38th Street

A Day on Playa del Carmen’s Beautiful 38th Street 38th Street in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is likely the most beautiful street in the downtown area. It leads right to the beach, and with several restaurants that serve great local cuisine and also a beautiful cocktail bar, I decided to spend my entire day on just this street. LaBrioche – Great French bakery and brunch spot. Amate 38 – Specialize in dishes from around the Yucatan Peninsula. The chochinita pibil is my favorite, but you can’t go wrong with anything here. Also, their brunch is underrated. La Perla Pixan – Specializes in pre-Hispanic food. If you want to try Chapulines (grasshoppers) you can get them here. You should also try the pulque (traditional alcohol from the region) and the Chile Relleno is fantastic. Mariskinky – They have a great happy hour Piola – an Italian restaurant that shows sports on TVs at the bar Vagabunda – casual Mexican restaurant near the beach. They have live music and cold beer. Trujillo’s – This could be the best most beautiful, cocktail bar in all of Playa del Carmen. They mix in local alcohols to their drinks, like Pox.