My Favorite 4 Spots in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

My 4 Favorite Bars & Restaurants in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

For 9 months of living in Playa del Carmen for the 9 months, I sought out the best restaurants, bars, and food in town. You can find some of my tips for great tacos, the best breakfast in Playa del Carmen, and other spots in town. I even compiled a list of my top tips for Playa del Carmen.

But these are the four places that didn’t fit into any of the other posts, and that have become my favorite restaurants in Playa del Carmen, that I go to the most often.

Las Hijas de la Tostada

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Several Locations

Las Hijas de la Tostada, Playa del Carmen
Tuna & Watermelon Tostada at Las Hijas de la Tostada

Although Las Hijas de la Tostada has tacos, ceviche, and many other dishes on the menu, the seafood tostadas are the star of the show here. The sandia tostada (tuna & watermelon) is one of my favorite foods in town, followed by the tuna carnitas tostada. With a full bar, this is a great spot to stop in for an afternoon beer and snack. I typically go to the one on 38th St and 5th Ave, but they have also opened a location on the beach at the end of Ave CTM

Osteria de Roma

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Osteria de Roma: Best Italian Restaurant in Playa del Carmen
Osteria de Roma, Playa del Carmen

There is no shortage of great Italian restaurants due to the large Italian population throughout the Riviera Maya. But I think Osteria de Roma is the best Italian restaurant in Playa del Carmen. It isn’t in a fancy resort and is far enough off the main tourist drag of 5th Ave that you have to seek this place out to find it. But when you do, you’ll typically see every table taken and likely a wait. The menu is simple pastas and Roman style pizza, but Federica (the owner) shows her Italian pride through the food. There’s a reason why this is a top-rated restaurant on Trip Advisor.


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Primo: Best Restaurant in Paya del Carmen
Primo, Playa del Carmen

When I asked about the concept here, the chef told me he describes Primo as “craft Mexican.” The premise is that every entree is cooked with wood or charcoal, and they even have an underground pit to cook things like duck pibil and the short rib. You can pair these with the ceviche or the catch of the day tostadas to create your own surf ‘n turf. They also have a great cocktail list.

Off the Vine

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Off the Vine: Best Wine Bar in Playa del Carmen
Off the Vine, Playa del Carmen

Off the Vine is a local wine distributor for many bars and restaurants in the region as well as a retail store. It’s also the best wine bar in Playa del Carmen. They have also created a small food menu and an outdoor dining area so you can buy a bottle to take home, or have it opened and enjoy it on site. What makes this place especially great though is the inventory of Mexican wines they keep in stock. Although Mexican wine making is still in its infancy, its vineyards are the oldest in North America. Come here to give some of it a try.