Where to find the best lobster pizza on Holbox.

The Best Lobster Pizza in Holbox, Mexico

Isla Holbox is a serene, car-free island located on the north of the Yucatán Peninsula. It has a long beach with calm water, beach bars, and some great dining options. But when you visit, one thing you must do is try Holbox’s most famous food – the lobster pizza.

You can find lobster pizza, or “pizza de langosta” in Spanish, at several restaurants on Holbox. But Pizzeria Edelyn claims to have been the first to serve it, in 1985. Not everyone loves it, and it isn’t cheap. But it’s something you have to try when you’re here.

Holbox for now, is sanctuary for those seeking tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of Mexico’s more fast-paced destinations. So, enjoy a day at the beach, catch some live music leading up to sunset, and then go try some of the best restaurants in Holbox for dinner.

Here are the places to find the best lobster pizza on Holbox.

When is Lobster Season in Holbox?

Lobster season varies in the different regions of Mexico. But in the state of Quintana Roo, which includes Holbox, lobster season runs from July thru February. This means trapping lobster is banned from March 1 through June 30 of each year.

The closed months allow for the sustainable harvesting of lobsters, ensuring that they can reproduce effectively and remain a vital part of the local ecosystem and economy. Thus, if you order lobster pizza at a restaurant during this period, it may be lobster that was caught before this date, frozen lobster, or potentially illegally caught lobster.

The Best Lobster Pizza in Holbox

#1. El Crustáceo Kascarudo

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El Crustaceo has some of the best lobster pizza on Holbox. The restaurant also serves seafood and pasta.
El Crustáceo Kascarudo

My first ever stop for Holbox lobster pizza ended up being my favorite. El Crustáceo Kascarudo is a short walk from the center of town and doesn’t seem to garner as much attention from visitors online or in Facebook groups as the next spot on the list. But is a well-known spot among frequent visitors to the island. And the love and support for this locally owned restaurant was seen after a fire ravaged it in 2021 and had to be rebuilt. But now it is back and as good as ever.

It is more a seafood restaurant than a pizza shop, serving specialties like seafood pastas, fresh fish, and ceviche. But the lobster pizza is still a standout.

The crust is very thin and crispy, preventing any flop. It was a little different at first bite, but it worked. However, the two things that are different from other places and make this my favorite lobster pizza are:

  • The lobster is cut into larger chunks, so you can really taste it.
  • The lobster is integrated into the pizza making process, rather than just added on top at the very end. So, it is held in with the melted cheese.

I highly recommend you find your way over to El Crustáceo Kascarudo for a meal.

#2. Quartieri

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Quartieri has some of the best Lobster Pizza in Holbox. It's a Neapolitan style pizza.
Lobster Pizza at Quartieri

Quartieri is one of the newer pizza shops in Holbox, but has quickly gained a following. It’s actually my favorite pizza on the island, because they make a true Neapolitan pizza, which when done well is a style I truly appreciate. It’s cooked at an extremely high temperature to give just a bit of char on the thicker, but light crust.

Now of course adding a topping that is added in Naples, such as lobster, can change my preference. And yes, it becomes a different pizza. They also add sweet cherry peppers, which isn’t something the other pizza spots do, but adds something unique. While the Diavola, or even just the Margherita are still my favorites here, the langosta pizza is one of the better ones on the island.

Though, you might also want to try the foccaccia or the lobster pasta.

#3. Roots Pizza a la Leña

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Roots is one of the most popular restaurants on Holbox and has some of the best lobster pizza on the island.

Roots Pizza a la Leña, or more commonly referred to as just “Roots”, is the most popular pizza restaurant in Holbox. It sits right in the center of town and is known for the large outdoor garden. Here, you will find giant wooden tables where you will sit on padded stumps that range from mildly uncomfortable to extremely uncomfortable. But it’s all part of the charm.

You sit on padded stumps around large wooden tables in the outdoor garden at Roots in Holbox.
Outdoor Garden at Roots

The wood fired pizza has very thin crust. While the underneath is crispy, the slices have a lot of flop. The lobster is sauteed in white wine and then added atop a Margarita pizza.

There is also a stage where they host live music in the evenings. If you are on the island for several days, then Roots pizza in Holbox is pretty much a must-go spot.

#4. Pizzeria La Pinsa Holbox

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La Pinsa has some of the best lobster pizza in Holbox. It has a very thick crust.
La Pinsa

If you prefer a thick crust pizza, then you might find that La Pinsa has the best lobster pizza in Holbox. It is closer to a traditional Roman-style pizza known as pinsa, which stems from the Latin word “pinsere,” meaning to stretch or press.

While the crust is thick, it is much lighter and airier than you would expect. The oblong shaped pizza here has my favorite crust of any on Holbox.

The portion of lobster is generous, while the amount of cheese is just enough without over doing it. I personally do not think pizza needs the amount of cheese that many American pizza shops add. 

But you should be aware that the lobster is mixed with chopped onions and this is the dealbreaker for me. I’m not talking about diced onions that are cooked in a sauce to add flavor… They are more akin to a topping, and if you’re like me and don’t like onions on pizza, you probably won’t like this one.

Overall, the Diavola pizza with salami is probably my favorite pizza in town, just not the lobster pizza. They have also opened a 2nd location called La Pinsa Jr.

Other Pizza in Holbox

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Cronicas Taproom: Now that they added a rooftop and a surprisingly good pizza (along with other food), it’s now a place to hang out for a while rather than just stopping for a few beers. This should probably make its way up into my top 4 above at some point.

Parador 33: This Italian/Argentinean restaurant is tucked away in a small plaza. While more known for their great pasta and other entrees, the lobster pizza is good here too. 

Restaurant y Pizzería Edelyn: This restaurant and pizzeria is located beside the central square and claims to have been the first to have made pizza de langosta in 1985.