Best Restaurants in Fishkill, NY

Best Restaurants in Fishkill, NY: An Unknown Gem in the Hudson Valley

Fishkill, NY is a relatively unknown gem in the Hudson Valley. Here are some of the best restaurants in Fishkill and some in the immediate surrounding areas.

The Hudson Valley in New York State stretches north of NYC from Westchester County to the state capital of Albany. Here, you’ll find many small quant towns, apple orchards, wineries, and hiking trails. The Hudson Valley is a popular destination for people from New York City to escape for a weekend. Places like Bear Mountain, New Paltz and Beacon (home of the Dia Beacon Museum) are especially popular locations.

But there are plenty of lesser-known towns in the Hudson Valley that are worth a visit, and Fishkill is a gem to explore! Fishkill lies just east of the Hudson River, beside the town of Beacon and has a population of just 22,000. The town of Fishkill also contains the Village of Fishkill, which can be super confusing when using Google Maps (NY State towns are confusing to me as you can watch my video when I learn what a Hamlet is). The Fishkill area has some great restaurants, an ice cream stand that has been open for nearly 60 years, an apple orchard that has apple picking, and a top rated brewery. For note, I have included a few restaurants that technically lie nearby in the towns of Hopewell Junction and East Fishkill.

Getting to Fishkill

Take the “Hudson Line” on Metro North Railroad from Grand Central Terminal to Beacon. See a map here. It’s then a short Uber or taxi just one town west. But having a car to explore this area is recommended.

Where to Stay in Fishkill

Most of the Airbnbs, Bed & Breakfasts, and boutique hotels are located nearby in Beacon. But there are several larger hotels located just off Rt 84 in Fishkill. These are walking distance to the small downtown. 

Best Restaurants in Fishkill

I spend a lot of time in the area and have been to every restaurant in town several times over. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Fishkill, plus a brewery, a bagel shop, and ice cream stand, and even an apple orchard in the neighboring towns.

Bert's Bread House

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Berts Bread House in Fishkill NY
Bert's Bread House

Bert’s Bread House is currently closed for renovations. I will update once it reopens.

There aren’t many places that specialize in breakfast here in Fishkill (and no coffee shops other than the two largest U.S. coffee chains for that matter). Please someone take note of this business opportunity!

But luckily Bert’s Bread House has stepped up to offer an assortment of freshly baked breads, avocado toast, and the best breakfast sandwiches in Fishkill. They also serve some good quiche and panini sandwiches for lunch.

I would call Bert’s Bread House a true hidden gem of Fishkill, tucked away just off Main Street. Get there early as bread starts to sell out by late morning. And even though they are open until late afternoon Bert usually slips out early as he starts his workday before the sun comes up. $

Alternative: Head over Mario’s Brick Oven Breads in Hopewell Junction for freshly made bread and pasta

Il Figlio Enoteca

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One of the newest restaurants is also one of the best restaurants in Fishkill. Il Figlio Enoteca might not have the years of loyal customers that other local spots have, but it came on the scene strong with an excellent Italian menu that features things such as a beef carpaccio appetizer, squash and burrata ravioli, and a 16 oz veal chop. Il Figlio quickly became my favorite dinner spot in town. $$

Sloop Brewing Co.

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A flight of beer at Sloop Brewing in East Fishkill, NY
Sloop Brewing Co.

Nevermind the restaurants, a great brewery is enough to make me visit somehwere! And Sloop Brewing Co. is definitely a great brewery. If you live in the NY area, you’ve probably tried their flagship New England IPA named “Juice Bomb” before. It doesn’t take long looking at the beer list to see that Sloop puts a lot of focus on hazy IPAs, but don’t sleep on their sours and other styles. Some of my favorites are:

  • Juice Bomb: Sloop’s flagship beer. A hazy, unfiltered IPA with notes of citrus. ABV 6.5%
  • Sloop Jam: A blackberry and blueberry sour ale. One of my favorite sours in the NY region. ABV 5%
  •  Fresh Pressed Juice Bomb: Dialed up the ABV and added fresh orange peel. ABV 7.2%


Sloop is located just about 10 minutes from the Village of Fishkill, in an old IBM semiconductor plant.

Side Note: I mention that Sloop Jam is “one of my favorite sours in the region”. If you’re curious, my favorite sours come from Foundation Brewing in Portland Maine and also several from Woven Water in Tampa, which you can read about here$

Hopewell Hot Bagels

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Bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel at Hopewell Hot Bagels in Hopewell Junction, NY
Hopewell Hot Bagels

Sure, the best bagels are found in New York City, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find good bagels in the Hudson Valley. The line of people every morning confirms that Hopewell Hot Bagels makes some pretty good ones. Order a bagel with a one of many of cream cheese spreads or do what I do and go right for the breakfast sandwich. If you want something quick before work or to take back to the family on weekends, Hopewell Hot Bagels is the best place for breakfast in the Fishkill area.

Joe's Dairy Bar

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Ice cream at Joe's Dairy Bar in East Fishkill, NY
Peanut Butter Unicorn Shake at Joe's Dairy Bar

Although it was originally named “Uhle’s” when it opened in the 1960’s, Joe’s Dairy Bar continues to be a favorite stop this area. Joe’s serves a variety of hard ice cream flavors, soft serve, and over the top ice cream concoctions that creates a long line of friends, couples, and families every single summer night. It’s definitely the #1 after dinner go-to spot. 

Fishkill Farms

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Fishkill Farms Apple Orchard and Cidery in East Fishkill, NY
Fishkill Farms

New York State is the second biggest producer of apples in the United States, so it’s no surprise that a big draw to this area is apple picking at Fishkill Farms. Fall is my favorite time of the year to come here, as they also do “pick your own” pumpkins, have a cider donut stand, and have live music and wagon rides on weekends.

They also offer pick your own pears, blackberries, raspberries, and nectarines as they come into season.  

Additionally, Fishkill Farms has a year-round alcoholic cider bar where they sell their own brand called Treasury Cider. They also have a market that sells fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season at the time. This is a great place to bring the entire family and hang out for the day.

The Dutchess Biercafe

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Jagerschnitzel at Dutchess Biercafe in Fishkill NY
The Dutchess Biercafe

Dutchess Biercafe is a Belgian inspired restaurant with a great beer selection. Although the menu of Belgian beers takes front stage, they offer some local beers and an array of foods with European and regional US influences. The Jagerschnitzel is a definite winner. This is one of my favorite spots for a late lunch with afternoon beers, but my one hang-up is that I wish the food was also more Belgian focused. Still highly recommended though as one of the best restaurants in Fishkill for a casual meal and great beer.

Stephano's on Main

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Shrimp Scampi at Stephano's Restaurant in Fishkill, NY
Shrimp Scampi at Stephano's

There is no shortage of Italian restaurants in this area. But if you ask residents which is their favorite, Stephano’s is likely to get the most nods for favorite restaurants in Fishkill. And you can see evidence of this with a dining room that tends to fill up barely past 5pm. Sure the first wave is largely older customers, but the age drops as the night progresses. Portions here are often large enough to make a lunch with leftovers.

While Il Figlio Enoteca has a smaller more focused menu, Stephano’s menu is larger and they offer some of the traditional Italian-American dishes like spaghetti & meatballs and chicken parmesan. I often get the shrimp scampi. The prices, especially for the portion size, can’t be beat in this area. 

East Fishkill Provisions Smoke Haus & Deli

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East Fishkill Provisions in East Fishkill, NY
East Fishkill Provisions

The best deli around is easily East Fishkill Provisions. They have all the normal cold cuts plus they make German sausages like Bratwurst, Weisswurst, and Bauernwurst that can be served with sauerkraut. Add in their smoked meat selections which include pastrami, beef brisket, and shredded pork and it’s hard to find a better place to grab a quick lunch. They also make breakfast sandwiches with several choices of meat (bacon, ham, sausage, pastrami, corned beef, or steak) and coffee for the morning commute.

They even cater events and do whole pig roasts. Oh, and did I mention they hold car shows throughout the summer? There’s lots of reasons to stop by East Fishkill Provisions. 

Eleven 11

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Eleven 11 Restaurant in Fishkill, NY
Chicken Braciole at Eleven 11

For maybe the best all-around dinner…. not fine dining, yet not too casual… not an Italian restaurant, but with some excellent pasta dishes… a nice restaurant setting to bring your parents, but also has live music and welcoming bar area to hang with friends, Eleven 11 works for every occasion. 


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The avocado toast at Sotano, one of the best restaurants with brunch in Fishkill, NY
Avocado Toast at Sotano

Located in a restored old house on Main Street, Sotano is one of the better fine dining restaurants in Fishkill. It has a general Mediterranean menu with pastas, seafoods, and meats. It’s also one of the few places in the area that does a proper Sunday brunch in Fishkill (I live in NYC and I’m still not sure why places in the suburbs don’t always do Saturday brunch too).

White House

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White House Bar in Fishkill, NY
White House

Sure, the best bar in Fishkill happens to be the only bar on Main Street. But I’d love White House even if it wasn’t the only bar around. To be fair, several of the restaurants do have a bar, but they are restaurants that have a bar as opposed to being an actual “bar”. Make sense? 

White House has a pool table, a dart board, and it’s the last spot in town to close for the night…. three things that are important to me when choosing a favorite bar. With a renovation a few years ago the smells of stale beer are gone, so I won’t call it a dive bar anymore. I’ll call it a local bar. There’s a difference. $

Alternative: If you drive east a few miles down Rt 82, the 2nd floor at Handshakes is also a pretty good bar with a pool table. They often have a great early crowd but close earlier at night.