The Best Restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC (2024)

Steak Frites is one of the best restaurants in Hell's Kitchen, NYC

Dear tourist: If you are wondering where to eat in Times Square, the answer generally is DON’T. Walk just two blocks west to try these best restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen instead. Most tourists visiting New York City stay in hotels near Times Square. The central location makes for easy subway transportation to anywhere in the city. […]

How to Get $10 Hamilton Tickets on Broadway

Hamilton on Broadway

I finally won the lottery! No, it wasn’t a lottery where I won a lot of money. I won the lottery for cheap tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway. Hamilton is still one of the most popular Broadway shows in New York City. Tickets can be hard to get and also very expensive. This is […]

Why I’m Eating Ice Cream in Times Square During a Snowstorm

First Snowstorm in NYC

New York City recently had its first snowstorm of the year! And so, I’m partaking in my annual tradition in the middle of Times Square by eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in shorts.  Why am I eating ice cream in a snowstorm?  Well, it’s a tradition I started in high school. One day after […]