Best Restaurants in Huntington, Long Island

Best Restaurants in Huntington NY

Huntington Village is one of the larger villages on Long Island. With over 70 restaurants and bars, there is certainly no shortage of great places to dine. The best restaurants in Huntington serve a variety of cuisines, including Italian, Persian, French, and Mexican. This makes it one of the more popular places to go out […]

The Best Restaurants in Northport, Long Island

The best restaurants in Northport, NY. This is one of the best villages to visit on Long Island.

Northport Village is an upscale area located on Long Island’s North Shore, within the town of Huntington. It is known for its¬†Victorian-era village center and picturesque waterfront. With a rich cultural scene, people flock here in the summer to dine at Northport’s best restaurants, go to a show at the famed John W. Engeman Theater, […]

The Best Restaurants in New Paltz, New York

The best restaurants in New Paltz, NY.

The best restaurants in New Paltz include an Italian deli, an Irish-American restaurant on a golf course, and a coffee shop that also makes their own beer.¬†None are fancy or upscale. Afterall, it is a college town. But the town gets busy with out-of-towners from summer into fall, as its proximity to New York City […]