Pilsen: The Birthplace of Pilsner

Pilsner Urquell was the first pilsner beer and was invented in the town of Pilsen, Czech Republic (Czechia) in 1842. If you travel to Pilsen, you can do a tour of the Pilsner Urquell brewery and learn all about the history of pilsner. Or you can come for Pilsner Fest and join thousands of other […]

7 Essential Dishes to Try in Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is becoming one of the hottest travel destinations in Europe and with its sunny climate, beautiful landscapes and rich culture. In Lisbon, the bar and restaurant scene is buzzing. And across the city’s foodie spots you can find everything from traditional taverns to cutting edge innovative cuisine. If you’re planning a trip to Portugal […]

5 Traditional Irish Foods to Try on St Patrick’s Day

Although this holiday was originally a holiday to celebrate St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, it has now become more of a celebration of Irish culture… including the food and drink. In the U.S. I feel like it’s especially focused on the “drink.” We wear our green and go out for Guiness […]