10 Unique Bars Not to Miss in Bali

Bali is a magical island in Indonesia filled with nature’s wonders and world-class entertainment. An ideal day in Bali often involves some mix of surfing, visiting waterfalls, relaxing on the beach, and watching the sunset. Regardless of what your plans are here on the “Island of the Gods”, one thing you surely cannot miss is […]

5 Street Foods in Mumbai You Need to Try

India is the land of spices and exotic flavors. It’s home to over 30 types of cuisine, with at least 20 unique street foods from each state alone. While it would take a few months to explore each state‚Äôs unique cuisine and the snacks and street foods it boasts, below is a closer look at […]

7 Must Try Brunch Spots in Bali

Whether you wake up late or catch the morning waves, there are plenty of great brunch options in Bali. Brought to life by the diversity of tourists visiting Bali, the brunch culture here is getting bigger each year. With multiple spots opening up near each other, the number of quality places has increased significantly in […]