Waterfront Playa Alicia the best upscale restaurant in Sosua to watch the sunset

The Top 5 Upscale Restaurants in Cabarete and Sosua

You will find a wide range of dining options along the north coast of the Dominican Republic. The north coastal beach towns of Puerto Plata, Cabarete, and Sosua are especially popular spots for expats and retirees from the U.S., Canada, and Europe. And so there are restaurants catering to each of these communities in addition to the local Dominicans.

While I highly suggest you explore the area, stop at roadside stands, and try local cuisine, you might also want to try some of the fancier dining options around. Maybe it’s to celebrate a special occasion or maybe you want to enjoy a nice dinner while viewing the sunset.

Whatever your reason, these are the best upscale restaurants in Cabarete and Sosua.


Best Upscale Restaurants in Cabarete

#1 Restaurant Tuvá

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Tuva is one of the best upscale restaurants in Cabarete. It serves Italian cuisine.
Restaurant Tuva

Restaurant Tuva is the best restaurant in Cabarete for Italian dining. The bruschetta is a light option to start the meal and is among the best I have had anywhere. 

After, the pasta dishes such as rigatoni with pesto & shrimp or the lobster linguini are sure to be a hit. But the cacio e pepe served in a small cheese wheel is one of the most popular entrees for good reason. 

This upscale restaurant in Cabarete has great food along with a relaxed atmosphere overlooking a quiet beach area near Punta Goleta. It’s a spot that I’d put near the top of my list for date night.

Please note, Restaurant Tuva is a cash-only establishment, so make sure to hit up an ATM before arriving.

#2 Drifter

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Drifter is one of the best restaurants on the beach in Cabarete.

Cabarete beach is lined with restaurants and bars, many of which try to draw you in with happy hour specials. Instead, Drifter draws you in the with their quality food.

There is no happy hour, and the margarita heavy cocktail menu is definitely on the more expensive side. But for a more elevated dining, I regard Drifter as the best beachside restaurant in Cabarete.

Menu items change with the season and ingredients are sourced from local farms and fishermen. 

The specials for the week are shown on a blackboard as you enter the restaurant and will showcase some exciting options. The most recent time I came here, specials included a lobster cake, short rib tacos, and grilled Mahi Mahi. The normal menu has a Mediterranean focus with a lot of Italian influence, so you will find several pasta dishes and Neapolitan style pizzas. 

The beachfront atmosphere along with the quality cocktails and locally sourced food make Drifter one of the best restaurants in Cabarete.

#3 Bliss

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Bliss is one of the best restaurants in Cabarete, and a great place to celebrate a special occasion.

Tucked away from the beach about 50 meters off the main road in Cabarete you will find Bliss. While hidden from the street, you will enter into a beautiful courtyard with a pool and tables set alongside the back.

The restaurant is run by an Italian couple who moved here in 2011, and Bliss has been one of the top restaurants in Cabarete ever since. Similar to the others on this list, Bliss features a Mediterranean menu with a Strong Italian accent.

Start with the octopus appetizer with an herb citronette, and move on to the lamb chops or the quite popular Surf & Turf (lobster tail with beef tenderloin) and pair them with a nice Italian wine. Or Bliss even offers a 5-course tasting menu with an advance reservation.

Bliss is probably Cabarete’s top restaurant for a romantic date night or special occasion.

Best Upscale Restaurants in Sosua

#1 Casa Veintiuno

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Casa Veintiuno is an upscale restaurant that is one of the best restaurants in Sosua.
Casa Veintiuno

After years of visiting the Dominican Republic, Belgian natives Saskia and Marc decided to permanently move to Sosua and open a boutique hotel and restaurant. Now the restaurant at Casa Veintiuno is not just one of the best restaurants in Sosua, but one of the best restaurants along the Dominican north coast.

There is no fixed menu, as it changes daily depending on the fresh products that they are able to source that day. But you will generally find a menu filled with meats, seafood, and pasta options that is sure to be to your liking. Perhaps the best dish I had was a tuna trio appetizer, with tuna tartar, carpaccio, and mi-cuit (translates to partially cooked, or essentially seared).

Dinner is open to the public, but breakfast and lunch are made to order only for hotel guests. If you do stay here at the hotel, Marc will give you a taste of a bunch of foods on the first day. And then each subsequent day you can talk with him to tailor the daytime meals to your liking.

While this restaurant is a bit tucked away from downtown, it is walkable.

#2 Waterfront Playa Alicia

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Waterfront Playa Alicia is the best restaurant in Sosua for upscale dining and a sunset view.
Waterfront Playa Alicia

Waterfront Playa Alica is the best restaurant for sunset dining in Sosua. Like the Playa Sosua, Playa Alicia is also a westward facing beach. But the restaurant has a more upscale menu than the beach bars. And it sits above the beach for an elevated view of the sunset.

It has a casual vibe with a menu that contains both Dominican and American dishes. You will find upscale items like ossobuco, octopus ceviche, and both shrimp and lobster sold by the pound.

But I recommend the dishes with a Dominican flair. Start with the stewed goat taquitos followed by the whole Red Snapper or the Dominican Flag (stewed beef with rice and beans).