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The best breakfast in Richmond

The Best Breakfast & Brunch in Richmond, Virginia

Here is a list of my picks for the best brunch in Richmond, VA. I’m not going to lie… the overall food scene in here surprised me. I had been wanting to visit this city for a long time, and I’m so glad I finally made it. There are high end restaurants, an array of international foods, and interesting bars. I’ll write more about these in other articles. But if you’ve seen my other posts, you’d know my first order of business was to find the best Richmond brunch spots.

Most on this list serve breakfast & brunch every day they are open. So, if you are passing thru or staying a while, these are the restaurants for brunch in Richmond VA that you should definitely try.

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Best Breakfast in Richmond


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Perly's is a Jewish diner that is typically listed among the best breakfast in Richmond VA.
Perly's Cinnamon Babka French Toast

I’ve lived in New York City for a long time. Thus, bagels for breakfast and other Jewish foods are pretty common in my diet. But I didn’t expect to find such a great Jewish Deli in Richmond. Perly’s calls themselves a Jewish restaurant and deli with a “modern spin.”

They have many of the expected deli items such as corned beef and pastrami sandwiches. But I love to come in for breakfast for items like the Cinnamon Babka French Toast, eggs benedict with smoked salmon over potato latkes, and cheese blintzes with blueberry sauce.

They open for breakfast at 9am, and it’s pretty common to see people waiting to be ushered in when the doors unlock. Perly’s serves some of the best breakfast in Richmond and it’s certainly worth getting there early for.

SB's Lake Side Love Shack

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SB's Lakeside Love Shack is a local favorite that makes some of Richmond's best breakfast.
"Tin Roof Rusted" Hash at SB's Lakeside Love Shack

Before I arrived in the city, I asked a local Facebook group where I could find the best brunch in Richmond. SB’s Lakeside Love Shack was one of the most mentioned spots, so I decided to take a drive up. It’s about 15 minutes north of downtown, and well worth the short drive.

SB’s (named after owner Sarabeth Hagen) has a small menu of unique breakfast item that includes things like:

  • “Tin Roof Rusted: Hash: Sweet potato hash with sunny side up eggs
  • “Bang Bang on the Door” Benny: With Virginia Ham and served on a grilled croissant
  • “I Can’t Hear You” Over this Pile of Pork: Scallion and cheddar pancakes topped with braised pork

If you remember 1980’s music then you might notice that the menu is themed after the band the B-52’s. There is also a rotating specials menu. This is easily a top pick for breakfast in the Richmond area. And because of the success of the Lakeside location, they have also now opened up a 2nd location closer to downtown in the Fan District.

Pro Tip: If you have a late breakfast, head over to Final Gravity Brewing Co afterwards to try one of the most loved breweries in Richmond.

Moore Street Cafe

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Moore St Cafe isn't a standard diner. It is known for making the best breakfast in Richmond, VA.
Breakfast Club at Moore Street Cafe

It doesn’t look like much form the outside, and if you didn’t know Moore Street Cafe was there, you’d likely drive by and miss it. But inside you will find one of the best breakfast places in Richmond. It’s more of a diner feel than a fancy brunch spot and is a true must go restaurant in Richmond.

Moore St is also home to the Breakfast Club, which might just be the best breakfast sandwich in Richmond. The menu makes it sound sorta gimmicky with so much stuff on it (bacon, sausage, and ham along with eggs, lettuce and tomato) but it absolutely works. All that meat might not make it healthy, but it’s fantastic and well worth the $10.

If you’re in the mood for morning booze, they have several flavors of mimosas (called Moore-mosas) served in 32 ounce personal pitchers. They start at $7 and are perhaps the best bargain in Richmond.

Make sure to tack on a side of pancakes, which remind me of the ones my grandfather made when I was a kid. They are large and thinner than the overly fluffy style ones that are commonly found. Moore St is right on the edge of Scott’s Addition, so go explore the many great local breweries in this area when you’re done.

Millie's Diner

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Millie's Diner is an often-overlooked spot in Richmond that makes some of the best breakfast in the city.
The "Devil's Mess" at Millies Diner

Millie’s Diner didn’t start in Richmond, or even the east coast. The music business had lured owner Paul Keevil from the United Kingdom to Los Angeles, where he eventually opened a restaurant that he called Millie’s (named after the previous owner). And then in 1989 he moved Millie’s to Richmond, and it’s been a local favorite for over 30 years.

Paul says that growing up in the U.K. there was nothing like a good curry after the pubs closed, and so he introduced some of these Indian curry spices into dishes here at Millie’s. One such dish he called “The Devil’s Mess” is an opened faced omelet with sausage, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and mild curry that is finished off with melted cheddar and avocado. This is the type of dish that might have some people passing on it, but I found that it turned an egg dish into something unique and I love the curry spice. Even the home fries have a kick to them. This is a place that’s far enough from the downtown to avoid the tourist vibe, but close enough to make it a regular stop for brunch in Richmond.


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LuLu's has some of the best breakfast in Shockoe Bottom, and is just a short walk from downtown Richmond.
Chicken & Red Velvet Waffle at LuLu's

When you’re in Shockoe Bottom, there might not be a better Richmond brunch spot than Lulu’s. The chicken and red velvet waffle is a favorite, but don’t sleep on the seafood omelets or the shrimp and grits. Plus, their Bloody Mary’s are pretty good too.

Dot's Back Inn

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Dot's Back Inn serves up some of the best breakfast in Richmond, Virginia.
Dot's Back Inn

Man… I almost missed this place. It was my last stop in the city as I was leaving and thankfully, I made it. Because Dot’s Back Inn immediately jumped into my list of best Richmond brunch spots. In addition to the normal menu that consists of an array of omelets, breakfast platters, and other items, they also have a small specials menu where you can find some more off the run items.

Even though I’ve listed Dot’s Back Inn as a spot for the best Richmond breakfast, it’s also a local favorite for dinner too. People love their burgers, wings, and they even have specials like fried oysters or soft-shell crabs in season. And the prices here, are more than reasonable. This is a true neighborhood gem.

Bonus Tip: For a great dinner, try Demi’s Mediterrannean Kitchen across the street. It’s run by the same owner of Dot’s, Chef Jimmy Tsamouras.

Best Sunday Brunch in Richmond


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If I didn’t already give you enough reasons to leave downtown Richmond and head up to the Lake Side area (to SB’s Lakeside Love Shack and Final Gravity Brewing) then add brunch at Hobnob as another reason. This small restaurant is worth finding. The menu varies by season, and could include things like steak Benedict, zucchini pancakes, and a low country scramble made with shrimp and andouille sausage. This is another place that I’d also highly recommend for dinner as well. Offering Sunday brunch only.

Champagne Brunch at the Jefferson Hotel

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The Champagne Brunch at the Jefferson Hotel is easily the grandest and best Sunday brunch in Richmond. There is a full brunch buffet as well as an omelet station, a carving station, and a full salad bar. But the seafood arrangement, which typically features shrimp cocktail, oysters, mussels, and other items is perhaps the most popular section.

Reservations are required, as space typically fills up. At $65 this isn’t the type of place you go often, but rather for special occasions or maybe for holiday gathering.

Lemaire in the Jefferson Hotel also offers a fantastic and more traditional daily breakfast during the week from 7-11am.

Best Bakeries in Richmond

Up All Night Bakery

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Up All Night Bakery has some of the best pastries in Richmond. Try the morning bun.
Up All Night Bakery

Up All Night Bakery makes all their breads in a hand-built oven that sits on a trailer behind the store. The oven is loaded with firewood and burned overnight, leaving nothing but ash and residual heat that has been absorbed into the masonry by morning time. The residual heat cooks the loaves, and fresh bread starts coming out of the oven around 9am.

The croissants, however, are a three-day process and worth the wait. The cinnamon buns are a hit, but don’t even think of leaving without getting an orange Morning Bun.

Sub Rosa Bakery

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Not sure why I’ve placed one of best bakeries in the country at the bottom of this list. Sub Rosa Bakery is a renowned wood-fired bakery and stone mill located in the Church Hill neighborhood.

They stone mill their own flours and bake using a wood fired oven. It’s best to get there between 8-10am for their pastries, while the bread is more available after 10am. Goods often sell out by afternoon, so don’t wait too late to get there.

The owners are Turkish siblings, and so they also offer Turkish treats like lamb borek and pogaca.

Other Great Brunch Spots in Richmond

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The Sidewalk Cafe

Yeah, it’s sorta a dive spot. But also, it’s a place that’s easy to love. Offer weekend brunch. 2101 W Main St

The Hill

Neighborhood cafe that is a decent brunch place in Richmond at a very reasonable price. (Sunday brunch only) 2800 E Broad St


One of Richmond’s best seafood focused restaurants offers a Sunday brunch. You won’t find a long list of standard breakfast fare, but rather a small, focused menu that will never be the same. While I have seen egg dishes such as quiche, short rib hash, and a frittata, you will also find things like Arctic char, tartare, and a burger on the brunch menu. 3120 E Marshall St


Pinky’s brings a coastal Mediterranean menu to Scott’s Addition with a weekend brunch that offers zeppole, French omelets, and a few traditional items. But make sure someone at your table orders get the lamb papas with a sunny side egg. 3015 Norfolk St