I Finally Won the Lottery! (For Hamilton Tickets)

I finally won the lottery! No, it wasn’t a lottery where I won a lot of money. But before Covid devastated New York City and shut down all theaters on Broadway, I did win the lottery for Hamilton tickets. I downloaded the Hamilton app on my phone and entered every day for a month. And then I won! If you are selected for tickets, then you can buy 2 tickets for just $10 each. Normally you would have to buy them many months in advance through the box office, and people are reselling them for hundreds of dollars. I told my girlfriend we were going to a concert and surprised her outside of the theater. It took her a minute to realize where we were, but when she did realize her surprise she loved it! For now, all Broadway shows are closed until at least the middle of 2021. But I look forward to when Covid is behind us and we can go experience live Broadway theater again!